Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. The most popular tourist place in Paris for over 127 years.

The Eiffel Tower was initially built to serve as the entrance gateway to the International Exposition of 1889 as well as a testament to French industrial ingenuity. The Eiffel Tower became a symbol of French industrial power. The tower is 324 metres (1,063 ft) tall, about the same height as an 81-storey building, and the tallest structure in Paris.

The tower has three levels for visitors, with restaurants on the first and second levels. The top level's upper platform is 276 m (906 ft) above the ground, the highest observation deck accessible to the public in the European Union. The Eiffel Tower is part of the French History, in fact the Eiffel Tower served many a purpose during the First World War.

The Eiffel Tower can be seen sparkling every night for five minutes each hour. The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated on March 31, 1889.Every year approximately 7 million visitors climb the Tower. The Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world; 6.91 million people ascended it in 2015.

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